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Reasons Why Beer Is Our Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

They say that drinking beer is bad for your health, but you can always argue that anything in moderation cannot be bad. I sat at my table with an alberta beer in my hand, and decided to do some research on what I can reinforce this argument with. I was preparing myself in counter arguing with people who will judge me on my drink of choice the next time I order beer from http://minhasbrewery.com/minhas-micro-brewery-calgary. Here are some reasons why beer is our favorite, and why it’s the best drink to have:

  1. Beer is as natural as you can imagine.

Believe it or not, beer is all-natural from ingredients to the actual brewing process. Even if it’s a store-bought can, it is as natural as it can get. Remember that there’s no preservative added because the ingredients themselves are the ones that creates the process. It is known to be the oldest type of alcoholic beverage, therefore it’s safe to say that even without the advance technology we have now, they were able to make beer in simple methods. It is the gift of nature itself.

  1. It is fat-free.

Aside from being a low calorie and low carbohydrate drink, beer is also fat free. As surprising as it may sound, beer actually has no accompanying fat or cholesterol. Regular drinking may moderate cholesterol ratios the natural way by flushing your system and keeping your good cholesterol levels in check.

  1. Beer has B vitamins.

I may not be a nutritionist or a doctor, but I understand that B vitamins are needed for a healthy heart. Since it is all natural, the drink also has soluble fiber and is able to absorb fats in your body. There are some advocacies that promote drinking beer to prevent heart attacks, and these were not founded on false accusations but on studies. No wonder we love beer.

  1. It can quench your thirst.

There are some cases wherein you travel and you are advised not to consume local water. When this need or event arises, consider drinking the pub’s local beer to temporarily quench your thirst and stay hydrated. The process of making beer involves boiling and sealing to allow fermentation to happen; it’s an organic process which makes it your best option if you are thirsty and caught empty handed. Do not mistake this option from getting drunk; don't treat beer as water.

  1. It makes you happy.

This is probably the biggest reason why beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage. Beer gives you the chill and happy feeling but at the same time giving benefits to your health. Drinking too much and beyond your limits will give you headaches and cause vomit, but drinking in moderation and as a form of relaxation soothes your tired body.

These five reasons are not enough to explain beer as our favorite drink in a nutshell. I am not promoting alcohol, but simply making people understand that beer is not bad as long as its consumed whiten the limits. As I’ve said: beer is healthy, natural, and is a boost of happiness in a glass! Raise your glass and celebrate nature’s gift.